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How To Get Here

A common mistake made by the Wunderbar virgin trying to lose their virginity is to get lost and not find the very location that will make them a man or a woman. Following these simple steps will make sure you do not fail to achieve your goal. Those experienced enough to find Lyttelton (aka 2nd base) jump to step 3.

1. One way or another locate the entrance to the Lyttelton Tunnel.
2. Drive through the tunnel honking your horn at oncoming traffic, or, if you're more mature than that or only a passenger try holding your breath for the length of the tunnel.
3. Upon exiting the tunnel follow the road left, briefly bask in the glory of Lyttelton and then take the 2nd left turn onto Canterbury Street.
4. Travel 50m up the hill and turn right into the Supervalue carpark.
5. If you drove, park your car, lock the doors and put your hand on your heart and repeat, 'I swear to be a responsible driver and not drive drunk'
6. Follow the ramp leading up to the supermarket, walk up the red and black steps when you see them. You did it! - If you reach the super- market you've gone too far. If there is no supermarket nor any red and black  steps then you have failed. Most probably not for the first time.

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