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Elusive Toilets

The primative need to relieve oneself is an urge only the foolhardy would ever try to defy. But despite the countless myths and legends the Wunderbar does actually have toilets, locals know where. Wunderbar virgins do not.

A seasoned Wunderian can easily spot the hapless newbie franticly searching for their hidden treasure but more often then not their quest is a failure. John Doe, once a virgin himself recalls,

“Even after directions and bizzare hand signals from a Wunderian I still could not find them, panicking I scoured and picked at the walls with my fingernails certain there must be some sort of hidden lever or something...”

Unaminously agreed upon over a late night drinking session the counsel decided it was best to try and aid the virgins journey by providing a map to their utopia.

Unfortunately the idea was overuled by those who take pleasure in someone elses misfortune and the map was lost forever...

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